Sareli Beltran

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Sareli has over a decade of experience supporting families through various culturally sensitive tools. It was through her work as a positive parenting educator, that Sareli was first introduced to the wonderful world behind the Parenting by Connection approach. Being a natural skeptic, she decided to take Hand in Hand’s Professionals Intensive first and began implementing the tools at home with her family before introducing her constituents to this modality.

Upon learning the Listening Tools behind Parenting by Connection she saw how transformative they were for both her family and herself. She says, “Having someone hold a space for me, anchoring me through the storm of emotions that come up when parenting, has been the missing ingredient I needed.” She is passionate about sharing this life changing approach with other parents who, like her, want to build a strong and lasting connection with their children. She has worked leading parent resource groups, facilitating parenting workshops and designing a parenting curriculum for adolescent parents.

Sareli obtained her B.A in Community Studies from the University of California in Santa Cruz, where she learned all about the exciting theories and unfortunate disparities obstructing social change. She has participated in various seminars and courses of human development, emotional and mental growth, as well as the trending dichotomies behind the education of parents and has been an advocate for women surviving domestic violence, and supporting students who were navigating the community college system in California.

And, her most precious accomplishment- she gets to be a parent to three awesome little, and not so little humans, ages 7, 11 and 17!

You can contact Sareli at: sareli (at) handinhandparenting (dot) org

Here’s what one mom wrote about being in Sareli’s parent support group:

“I am so glad that I decided to join this group because it was like a draft of fresh air. I felt overwhelmed and needed help in parenting my children; I was having trouble connecting with them and understanding their behavior. I learned that it was not only my children that I had to connect with, but also with myself. Sareli provided us with so many tools from the Hand in Hand parenting model that I believe started to make the changes I needed to see in my family. I realized that the way Sareli facilitated the group was so simple, yet so complex and she made it so open, she allowed us to show our vulnerabilities without any criticism or shame. I was so stressed out all the time before I joined the group because I didn’t know what else to do to get my message across to my children. I learned to just listen to my children without offering solutions to every single concern or problem they had so that I can allow them to find their own solutions, to play in special time, to pick and choose my battles with them, to stop “controlling” and start “connecting”, and many other things such as motherhood is not about being a perfect parent, it’s about accepting us and doing the best we can with our children. Sareli was very special to us because she cared, and understood what we were going through as mothers. I thank Sareli for passing to us her knowledge, her positive attitude and love.” – Kandy Aglony


Sareli cuenta con más de una década de experiencia apoyando familias, así como en lo que cabe detrás de la educación parental y el desarrollo personal. Con un pensamiento sensible culturalmente, Sareli trabajó liderando grupos de recursos para madres y padres, ofreciendo talleres, al igual diseñando un curso para madres y padres adolescentes en los condados de Santa Clara y San Mateo.

Durante el inicio de su carrera profesional Sareli comenzó trabajando abogando por mujeres sobreviviendo violencia doméstica, y apoyando estudiantes navegando el sistema detrás del colegio comunitario en California.

Recibió su licenciatura en Estudios Comunitarios  por la Universidad de California en Santa Cruz, donde aprendió perspectivas aliadas con el cambio social y los obstáculos que se interponen. Ha participado en diferentes seminarios y cursos del desarrollo humano, el crecimiento emocional y mental y varias dicotomías detrás de la educación de padres y madres.

¡Y su mayor acontecimiento es que tiene el privilegio de criar a tres maravillosas personas con las edades de 7,11 y 17 años!



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