Savannah Sanfield, LMFT

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Savannah Sanfield is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in Southern California. She is a certified Hand in Hand Instructor and TRM (Trauma Resiliency Model) practitioner. She specializes in providing support for families of young children (birth to 6 years) as they tackle both common and complex parenting challenges. She offers Hand in Hand Parenting Starter classes as well as a weekly drop in parent support group out of her office in Larchmont Village.

“I specialize in issues related to early childhood development for both parent and child. I’m particularly interested in addressing challenges related to birth trauma, infant medical interventions and children with neurological differences including sensory processing disorder, childhood Tourette syndrome and ADHD.”

Savannah is the proud mother of girl and boy twins. She lives with her husband, children and their dog in Los Angeles.

“This approach to understanding the emotional and psychological well being of children has positively informed not just my personal life, but my practice as well. As a family we endured several challenges in my twins’ first years of life. I was determined to find a practical, trauma-informed approach to manage their intense emotional needs. By working with the Hand in Hand listening tools I was able to support my children’s healing process while also setting limits and establishing order to what was once a chaotic family life.”

You can find Savannah on the web or by calling, (323) 537-7978. In addition to office visits she offers phone sessions and makes house calls on an as needed basis.

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