Summer Sheldon

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Summer Sheldon lives in rural Oregon with her husband, three kiddos, a dog, two bunnies and a very fat hamster.

She started using Hand in Hand tools with her children in 2010 when she saw Patty speak at a conference and was struck by the idea of learning to LISTEN to her child’s emotions instead of just shutting them down. Her kids were toddlers then and she appreciates how transformative has been to use the tools as they have grown up and started into the teen years.


Summer is especially grateful for the confidence Parenting by Connection has given her to heal her children’s hurts and to forge strong connections with them. Her passion is passing that confidence on to other parents and watching them transform their families. She especially loves working with families with special needs, sibling rivalry, and trauma.
She has a background in working as an educator and with the special needs community. She is currently working towards her Masters in Counseling.
You can listen to her talk with instructor Kathy Gordon here about how to help your aggressive kiddo.
You can reach her by email at [email protected]
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