Vera Braghiroli

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Vera is mother, wife, Home Education Consultant and certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor.
Originally from Italy, she studied and worked in Milan, and there met her partner. They moved to London together in 2007, for an adventure that is still ongoing.

After 12 years as a promo producer and director for big international television networks (MTV, `Sky, Discovery Channel, AlJazeera, BBC), her life got forever changed when she became a mum. And since her boy was born, in 2011, she’s been home-educating him full time.  A life-threatening child birth, made her delve into trauma. Her own and her child's one.

She learned about special needs, sensory processing issues, nervous system regulation and later on dyslexia. An avid reader and life-long researcher of psychological, spiritual, wellbeing matters, she felt drawn to learn about NVC, Attachment, Therapeutic and Gentle parenting approaches from before pregnancy. Coming across Hand in Hand Parenting, in 2014, impacted her life so much that she decided to train to be able to share this a powerful and empowering approach with others.

Vera wishes every family could receive the gifts that come with embracing this transformative journey. As she became more aware and supported in her parenting journey, she saw her family grow into a more harmonious and happy bunch, individually and collectively. Much less reactive, and much more naturally affectionate and playful with each other. Better able to set healthy boundaries and to get to the root emotion they happen to be struggling with. Over time, alongside the conflicts and feelings of inadequacy and frustration, they experienced more and more an unprecedented sense of abundance, compassion, love and ease.

Learning to unapologetically love ourselves and our children for who we really are and becoming our own best advocates, holds a huge potential to benefit families and communities. Whilst the crucial work of rising children entails an inevitable degree of stress and struggles, it can also be deeply cathartic, glorious, invigorating, healing and even revolutionary. Bearing witness to your very own journey, however it's unfolding, Vera would love to offer her presence, insights and experience, to help you find a way to honour your truth and bring more joy, authenticity and connection, into your family and into your life.

Vera’s areas of interest and experience include working with children who are highly sensitive, display anxious or aggressive behaviours, asynchronous development, learning and sensory differences and eating disorders. She is keen to work with parents and schools, in her local community, in London, and on-line worldwide.

If you are interested in a class, a presentation, a talk, a support groups, in English or in Italian, you can join her on Facebook page or write to her at [email protected].

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