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What if you knew how to transform your child’s behavior today… and every day?

The Parent Club Community gives you direct access to Hand in Hand Instructors every single day so you can get direct, personalised support for any behavior you are struggling to manage. 

You’ll get advice on how to use the Hand in Hand tools specifically in your situation and apply them with thoughtfulness and compassion, in a way that nurtures your relationship with your child.

Ready to move from frustration and overwhelm?

Ever doubted your parenting?

Parenting with connection makes so much sense it feels like it should be second-nature...
So why isn't it?

When your child starts to tantrum, or you lose your temper while breaking up another sibling battle it’s easy to feel like things are failing apart.  

If you go to sleep determined to do things differently tomorrow and then find yourself yelling 10 minutes after you’ve woken up, don’t lose heart.

The Parent Club Community brings you closer to being the parent you want to be by finding support in others, and exploring the ways you can nurture self-regulation, compassion and connection in your family.  No one is perfect so we also have support for repairing after those whoops and ouch moments.

With Hand in Hand Instructors On Call...

Here's what life can look like

When you use Hand in Hand parenting tools consistently and in alignment with your family's needs

Easier Mornings

While we can't promise the fantasy experience of waking up to a calm and harmonious household, where mornings flow beautifully through breakfast and getting out the door, we can share tools that will definitely get you closer and help you tailor them to your specific family needs. The Parent Club Community is where you come to fill up your parenting toolbox as well as your own capacity to use the tools.

Emotional Regulation

Growing a healthy emotional system is a life-long experience. We can help you give your child a strong foundation in emotional understanding and regulation. Because we're all human this won't erase tantrums and meltdowns (important stress relief valves!) but it will reduce the frequency and severity over time because we wonk together to find the triggers for those explosions and melt downs and we meet the underlying need. Your child (and you!) develops practices to express their emotions in a healthy way, learn to manage their feelings and cope with challenges effectively.

Smoother Transitions

Learn tried and true practices to get ahead of transition friction and resistance in situations such as leaving the park or ending playtime and getting out the door. These can happen more seamlessly because you infuse connection and laughter and listening into the transition. Daily routines are so much smoother with these tools and the overall emotional health improvements you'll find with these tools and this support.

Deep Connection

By resolving power struggles and tantrums in a supportive and empathetic way, you build a foundation of trust and connection that will grow over the course of this lifelong relationship. Because you customize these tools for your unique family needs, they grow and adapt with you. The support you find in the Parent Club Community supports that tailoring process.

What's Inside the Parent Club Community?

Expert On-Call Coaching

Get individualized support and action steps from Hand in Hand Instructors for whatever challenge you are facing, 365 days a year, 24/7.

Regular Live Calls

We schedule at least three calls with instructors and watch parties for all Hand in Hand workshops and webinars.

Setting Limits Workshop

Join like-minded parents and Hand in Hand Instructors in a group to workshop our most popular online class.

Listening Time Link Up

Whether you want help in the moment or a long-term partner

Private Vent Space

Shake off anger, sadness & frustration so that you can make space for peace and clarity.

Resource Library

Includes past talks, classes, printouts, and reading on 20 subjects ranging from play ideas, help for aggression, sibling rivalry and parent anger.

Monthly Focus

Every month join us for live calls, challenges and guidance on

25% Off Classes

Whether you want help handling aggression, sleep or to get started with Listening Partnerships we have a class. Browse them from your Parent Club Community dashboard and enjoy 25% off when you buy. 

What Others Say...

Parents Feel Welcomed & Accepted

"Just want to thank you for the incredibly respectful way you have interacted with me and for all the information and resources you have shared. I'm really happy to have found a place where I feel welcomed and accepted."
"I just realized that this weekend we have had so many good moments. We've shared meals together easily, we've been out and about in our community, in the fresh air. It's all paying off - here we are starting a new week feeling connected and attuned."
"Amazed about the breakthrough I had with my 4-year-old and her medication. She's been refusing to take it but I remembered Patty's experience and tried to do the same, quietly bringing the limit. Today she took it no problem! This works!

Imagine how good it would feel if you had

Access to Instructors
Whenever You Need...

With Parent Club Community instructors on call 24/7, 365 days a year (and yes that includes the holidays), plus live sessions, on-demand classes, and a warm and vibrant community, you’ll have all the tools and support you need to see results like these:

With this in place

Parenting feels easier

Join the Parent Club Community today...

...and put joy back into parenting

Pay Monthly

  • Free Two Week Trial

Plus these extra trainings:

When you join the Parent Club Community, you also get these bonuses to help you get the most out of the Hand in Hand approach.

Bonus 1

Setting Limits & Building Cooperation

Your step-by-step guide to setting loving limits effectively, using Hand in Hand’s 3-part strategy. In video sessions, Patty Wipfler shows you how to understand the right moment to set a limit, words to say, and how to hold the limit when a child resists. Setting Limits this way brings results while building connection. 

Usual Price $ 55

Online class for parents called Setting Limits and Building Cooperation

Bonus 2

Hand in Hand Basics: 5 Tools

New to Hand in Hand or just need a refresh? Get a complete guide to each Hand in Hand Listening Tool, with instructions on how to use each tool and how to tweak them for different situations. Return to them again and again whenever you need inspiration or guidance. 

Usual Price $15

Hand in Hand's five tools basics class

Bonus 3

Complete Set: Hand in Hand Listening Guides

Listening to Children helps you crack the code of children’s emotions. The set includes 9 guides:How Children’s Emotions Work, Special Time, Tantrums & Indignation, Crying, Playlistening, Reaching For Your Angry Child, Healing Children’s Fears, Setting Limits with Young Children & Listening Partnerships for Parents.

Usual Price $29

Listening To Children Hand in Hand Parenting Guides

Add in one extra gift

Annual Membership Bonus

Consult Call With Kathy Gordon

Join the Parent Club Community‘s Head Moderator Kathy for a free consult call and get answers and an action plan for any parenting issue you’d like help with right now.

Join Today And Get Two Weeks Free

Pay Monthly

  • Free Two Week Trial

Got Questions?

Great! Here's the answers

We're so happy you found us, and you are committed to this way of parenting. We started the membership because many, many parents told us they loved the idea of Hand in Hand but struggled to implement it consistently. With the Parent Club Community you get fast feedback on any question you have about parenting, and specific help from dedicated Instructors. 

We don't know another membership where you will get so much personal attention, and we welcome it! 

Welcome to Hand in Hand!

The Parent Club Community gives you such a great framework for bringing these tools to your family fast and efficiently. 

Run through the Hand in Hand Basics self-paced module, to get a really through introduction to the tools. 

As you implement each, we're sure you'll have questions, and we'll be right here ready to answer, share action steps and strategies you can use. 

With this support in place you'll see big leaps in your child's behaviors and how you respond to them, so that parenting doesn't feel as hard or as lonely, but actually feels hopeful and fun. 

You're correct that therapists and other coaches can command over $100 or more per session for similar support. Hand in Hand is a non-profit organisation with a mission to make our services widely available whenever we can. 

While we aren't yet in a position to offer the deep  support that the Parent Club Community offers for free just yet, we've tried to set an affordable price that still helps fund the organisation. 

We're really proud of this circle of giving, and hope you can join us. If it really is a stretch, email [email protected] and ask us about a scholarship price. 

We made this Community to offer education, personalised guidance and support, and there are a few ways you can spend your time. 

If you have an immediate challenge you want to work on, ask an instructor what resources they recommend, and ask them for their best advice. 

If you are feeling isolated, please get involved in the group calls, visit the Listening Partnership space, and join us as we workshop the Setting Limits class. 

If your time is very limited, or you are just exhausted right now, we suggest showing up when you have questions or to vent in the vent space. You do not have to be everywhere and do everything. Take what you need!

As you carve more time, take the Setting Limits class that comes free with membership. It guides parents through so many issues and challenges in one place. 

If you are keen to jump in with both feet and want to max out your time with us, you could allow a few hours each week. You'll be able to take a class, join us for a live call, drop into the live feed to share or get support, get focused on a monthly challenge, and get Listening Time with another parent. 

Your journey is up to you - with zero judgment from us. 

And remember, we have instructors online all the time, so just ask us if you could use a little direction. 

How about a 2-4-1? That's right! Feel free to nominate one other user to share your account on us. We're passionate about sharing these ideas and offering community as best as we can.

If you want to nominate another user, just email Kathy, your head moderator, after you join and she'll get you set up.  

Absolutely! The ideas that form the Hand in Hand approach are trauma-responsive, supportive and shown to break negative generational patterns - and they work for everyone.

Teachers, therapists and grandparents are big fans of Hand in Hand, and very welcome in this community. 

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