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Tom Anderson

Tom found Hand in Hand while listening to teleseminars and podcasts on his commute to work and discovered new things about himself and his parenting: “I was terrible at setting limits – my frustrated partner and my mother in law were encouraging me to set boundaries with the children but something just didn’t feel right in it for me – I couldn’t work out what… listening to Patty Wipfler was like an epiphany to realise that setting limits didn’t need to be about being harsh or angry or about having ‘power over’. Once I had connected the brain science to understand that limits were vital and specifically could help my daughter to think well again – I realised I could be on her side by helping her express her upsets fully”.

Tom is passionate about supporting parents and care-givers as the experts in their families.

Hand in Hand Instructor Shauna Casey

Shauna Casey

Shauna is passionate about helping parents get the support they need to build a strong family ecosystem. She has worked as an educator for over 20 years and has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Policy and Behavior. She lives in Santa Cruz, California and is particularly interested in empowering parents and helping them build networks of support, joy and connection.

Maya Coleman, PhD

I have especially enjoyed leading groups for adoptive parents and for parents of infants, and would be interested in setting up a group for parents of children with developmental challenges if there is interest.

Kathy Gordon

Kathy is particularly interested in working with foster and adoptive parents, and parents of children with any type of special need, learning or behavior challenge. She offers the Parenting by Connection Starter Class in person in Los Angeles and on the phone.  She works with parents individually and does trainings for educators and professionals who work with children.  She is a gifted speaker and offers and introductory talks on Parenting by Connection, as well as specific topics such as Tantrum Training, Setting Limits, Listening Partnerships and Connecting with Your Teens.   Her passion is practicing and teaching conscious child-raising by connection, in order that we may foster cooperation and peace in our families and the world.

Katy Linsley

Hi, I’m Katy Linsley, a Hand in Hand Parenting instructor, and preschool childminder. I live with my two sons and their dad, in Lancaster, in the north of England. I have always loved working with

Madeleine Winter

Madeleine Winter

Madeleine was lucky to be introduced to Hand in Hand Parenting many years before becoming a parent, and has been working with families using the approach for over 20 years.  Witnessing how her own child used these Listening Tools from the beginning inspired her to share them more actively with other parents and carers. Based in Sydney Australia, since 2009 she’s been working with as a Parent Coach with parents of babies through to teens,  around the world, helping them build their connection with their children and solve parenting problems.

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