Supporting kids after parents divorce with Hand in Hand Parenting founder Patty Wipfler

Parenting After Separation: Revolutionary Ideas to Support Kids Through Divorce

Parenting After Divorce

Revolutionary ideas to support kids through separation & divorce

Today, Emily and Kathy are joined by Hand in Hand's founder Patty Wipfler, who shares her insights for parents on how to support their children when they have chosen to divorce. 

As a new family dynamic forms, it is natural for children to experience a range of emotions during separations and divorces, even when terms have been friendly. 

Patty shares unexpected behaviors children can display, as well as practical and connecting tips about how to respond so your child feels supported and hopeful during this challenging time.

Join Patty, Emily and Kathy for a warm and insightful look into what children can say, do and need after a divorce. 


 Tune In To Hear:
  • Why kids are not able to tell you they are having a hard time, and the surprising behaviors you may see instead. 
  • Tuning in when your child's behaviors or habits change and responding to them supportively. 
  • Why swift, warm, limit-setting can be a valuable gift for children during times of stress and worry. 
  • Other ways you can prepare and repair after your child returns from another parent's home.
  • How to reframe your child's upsets, moodiness, or mean words as “gold” you can expect and even welcome – and how this is a real help to your kids and helps them build trust and resilience
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
How Can I Finally Stop My Child's Repetitive Annoying Behaviors?

One Small Thing…


This week, Patty invites you to treat your decision to divorce as responsible and with respect. 


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