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Five Playful Ways to Solve Thanksgiving Struggles

  Ahhh Thanksgiving. That time of year when social media is filled with picture perfect seasonal crafts and articles talking about how to give thanks with your little ones. Recipes display the “best-tasting turkey” and pictures show everyone at the family dinner table with angelic faces aglow. What’s wrong with this picture? Did we hear…a

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One Simple Way to Build Cooperation with your Child

We’re often terribly frustrated when we try to get our children to cooperate. On this issue, there seem to be two camps. Many of us get so fed up with our inability to control our kids that we give up. We just pick up the toys or clear the table ourselves, but resentment builds over

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Special Time, Building Connection in Minutes

What is Hand in Hand Parenting?: Day 2  A sense of connection gives real power to your child. It grants them the ability to think, to cooperate, to feel good about themselves and the people around them. Connection opens up avenues to learning. And it helps your child develop judgment over time.   If you

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