Do Our Kids Manipulate Us?

Do Our Kids Manipulate Us? When Abigail and Elle pose this question they thought they’d answer with a resounding “Yes!” – until they stopped to think about. And then, they went down the rabbit hole… “What does manipulation even mean?” … Continue reading

Power Play: What to Do When Play Turns Bad

By Heidi Grainger Russell Children’s playful giggles and laughter can soon boil over and frenzied excitement erupts into power struggles, arguments and aggression. So how can you step in safely to diffuse a play situation headed south? Hand in Hand’s Heidi Grainger Russell explains … Continue reading

The Broken Vase

One evening when my son was about three, we had a big dinner party.  In all of the commotion a large vase broke.  My son was very close to the vase when it broke and he was tremendously startled by … Continue reading