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Meet The Preschool Teachers That Listen to Kids

Imagine you had a teacher that listened, really listened, when you were upset at school. In daycare and pre-school settings, there are many cries for many reasons. Children missing parents. Children that need the bathroom and don’t know how to ask. Children that hate the chaos and din of a classroom. Children wondering why dad

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How Staylistening at Drop-Off Can Relieve Separation Anxiety

Since he started kindergarten, my middle son has occasionally cried, clung to me and asked me not to leave. His separation anxiety would last for two or three days in a row and I felt quite sad about it and helpless about supporting him. All I could think to do was to extract myself with as

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A Teacher’s Kind Response to Toddler Crying at School Inspires Parent

By Andrea McCracken As a parent, it can be difficult to remain objective and detached from the emotional storm cloud that erupts in our children. When my 6-year-old becomes emotional, it’s easy for me to be caught up in her big feelings, and mine. But watching how teachers at my child’s school respond to big

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A New Approach to Separation Anxiety in Daycare and School

In most daycare and preschools, parents are encouraged to make drop off brief. A quick kiss or hug and then out the door. But not in Shelley Macy‘s classes.  She makes efforts to welcome each parent warmly and tries not to rush them. “Warmth is a big deal to a child. They feel connected with

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