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Why Play is Even More Important Right Now

If your child is begging you to play more lately, it’s not just because they are missing their friends. And, if you can play along with play, you may find yourself a happier parent too, says Hand in Hand Instructor Stacy Wilson.

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How To Get Your Kids To Play Better

Why do your children play well for hours some days and others can’t go five minutes without calling on you? Your own tension may play a big factor. Children have a way of picking up on stress, whether or not you bring it to them. If you are worried, upset or anxious, they might be

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Bedtime Fears: Two Games to Help

    Separating at bedtime has been a struggle for our 2-year-old for quite some time and I have done a lot of Staylistening with him on this emotional project of his. But lately, he hasn’t been having any Staylistening at all and, depending on who puts him to bed and how tired he is,

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How to Help Kids Face Their Fears with Play

Halloween might be scare season, but kids get scared even by everyday experiences. The teacher who gives a stern look could mean a child gets anxious about going to school. A trip to the doctors office for shots is never nice, but for some kids equals pure terror. Another child in the park calling your son

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15 Playful Ways To Solve Sibling Rivalry

By Shaheen Merali and Kate Orson Sibling rivalry is an inevitable challenge of raising more than one child. No matter what the age difference or personalities of the children, sooner or later, every child with siblings gets upset with their brother or sister. But don’t fret and think this is a sign of how it

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The “Eww” Game: Fun For When Kids Gross You Out

My son is 7 years old. To him, it’s funny to make toilet jokes and show his intimate body parts to everyone. Not long ago, every evening, while putting on his pajamas, he would wave his penis around in front of me and his sisters. At first I told him that this was not appropriate

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