12 ways to beat homework battles

A Guest Post by Abigail Wald Too often kids and parents meet in battle over the homework table, but believe it or not, says Hand in Hand’s Abigail Wald, homework can be, and should be, a time for connection. Talking … Continue reading

Listening Tools Help Kids with School!

During Special Time my daughter was gleefully giving me homework problems to do. Whether I followed her instruction exactly or fumbled with a mistake, I was always WRONG. I happily played my part in this game, exclaiming with distress how I just couldn’t seem to figure it out or do it right.

Then as I was working on the next “assignment,” she all the sudden said, “DING! It’s time to move to the next station. No, no, stop what you’re doing! It’s time to move on. No, you can’t finish it!”

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A Nasty Math Surprise

A father in one of our groups tried Staylistening when his 3rd grade daughter ran into a tough patch with math homework. She had left her math homework for last, it was late in the evening, and she was in for a nasty surprise. Her math homework was a whole page of 30 math questions!

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