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My Own Sweet Success Story with Respectful Parenting

“When I first started my Hand in Hand Parenting journey, I used to wish for success stories. Fast-forward 4.5 years, and here I am to share my own. I hope this helps someone know that Hand in Hand really does work!  For the second time in as many weeks, my 8-year-old son has shown some off-track

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20 Years of Hand in Hand And My Kids Are Thriving

“I was lucky to get involved with Hand in Hand (then Parents Leadership Institute) when my children were aged 6, 3, and just-born, over twenty years ago.  I was in quite a lot of stress, as we were trying to cope with joint custody for the two older ones, attachment issues for an adopted child,

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Kids Know What They Need

We know that babies cries alert parents to their needs. How else could we know when they need comfort, food, changing? But children are just as in touch with what they need to survive and feel well, even if we, as parents, might not be as alert to their calls. In this post, Brindusa Milasan

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How To Make Time for Quality Time with Your Kids

Modern life keeps us busy. Between meal planning, cleaning, playdates and school, how do you make time for quality time with your children? Special Time is one way to ensure those moments happen, however fleeting. Special Time is the moment you carve into your schedule to spend time with your child. During that time, parents set

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