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5 Fresh Fun Ideas for Your Next Car Trip with the Kids

“Are we there yet?” “How much longer?” “Stop kicking the seat!” “Leave your brother alone!” “But he’s sticking his tongue out at me!” “I’m soooo bored!” Car rides, whether they’re five minutes or five hours,

Playful Parenting Improves Your Child’s Manners

A Guest Post by Michelle Hartop My daughter’s manners got lost somewhere between 5 and 6 years old. Once the reigning “thank-you queen,” by school-age, she seemed bothered even receiving a gift, let alone actually

How to Help Siblings in Blended Families Get Along

My patience was dwindling at an alarming rate and I found my mind filled with lectures I wanted to shout at the kids. I knew I was going to “flip my lid” soon if I didn’t reach out for help for myself. I was just too frustrated to support the kids well.

Five Ways to Prevent Tantrums in Public

Parents have full and busy lives. It’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed with the tasks for our day and easier still to want to move at lightning speed to “just get it done.” Yet, the more we try to push through our day, while dragging our kiddos along, the more we set the stage for a meltdown after we’ve left the house.

A Playful Response to Helping Children Share

How long can we simply BE with our children, lighting the way to reconnection, without rushing to solve “the problem”? My daughter and her friend were playing well one day until they both wanted the

It’s Not a “Pretty” Issue: Children and Their Looks

Listening to her dissatisfaction with herself was hard. How could someone so young feel so badly about her self? I hoped the work we were doing now would continue to help her as she got older and faced these issues even more.

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