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How to Set Limits with Laughter

A Guest Post by Stephanie Parker My daughter is about to turn nine and I’ve been thinking recently that I’d like her to do more around the house. I haven’t spent enough time making this

Navigating Turbulent Times With Your Tween

It was time for Karate class but a 9-year-old girl was refusing to go. “Why do you always make me do this stuff,” she yelled, crossing her arms. “You can’t make me,” she pouted. Her

Talking About Tweens (and their Tantrums)

This week on the podcast talk turns to tweens and what it takes to parent through what can bring some on turbulent times. With Abigail parenting a double tween household and Elle raising a 10-year-old,

Why Special Time Helps You and Your Tween

This week my 12-year-old son and I took a few days off school. He is recovering from a heavy cold and I took the time off to look after him. I was also hoping to

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