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My Child Wants to Act Like a Baby (What Should I Do?)

  When he was four years old, mom Laura Minnigerode and her son Lucian set aside time to play each morning one on one, as a way to encourage connection. This devoted “Special Time” happened most days once Lucian’s two older two siblings left for school. After the rush of getting them out the door,

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These Four Rules of Play Help Kids Shine

We’ve all read research and articles promoting play, but play is more than independent play or playing with siblings or friends. For sure, kids benefit from those ways to play, but playing with parents and caregivers gives additional benefits. Kids feel special and seen when parents play with them. They can use these times to

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How to Nag Your Child The Fun Way

My daughter has just turned 8, and as she’s grown I’ve become increasingly frustrated when she doesn’t help around the house. When she doesn’t help tidy up, I start to feel like a ‘slave.’ It’s not a great feeling.  I know that play and playlistening works well for these types of issues, but recently I’ve

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How To Get Your Kids To Play Better

Why do your children play well for hours some days and others can’t go five minutes without calling on you? Your own tension may play a big factor. Children have a way of picking up on stress, whether or not you bring it to them. If you are worried, upset or anxious, they might be

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How To Help Your Child Overcome Fear Using Play

By Andrea McCracken My daughter was 7, nearly 8, and developing more concerns about the world. At bedtime, she would lay quietly and think about the mysteries of illnesses, aliens and other potentially scary things. They must have churned around her head because she would come out of bed to talk to me about it, asking

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