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What To Do When Your Child Won’t Nap

How often have you told your child that it’s naptime only to be met with complete disapproval? We know our children benefit from a rest midday, and may of us look forward to that window, either to get things done without another small person demanding attention, or just to rest up and prepare the afternoon and

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When Your Child Doesn’t Want Special Time

A guest Post by Kate Orson author of Tears Heal Special time; one of Hand in Hand’s Five Parenting tools, is a wonderful way to deepen your connection with your child, to build the safety they need to tell us their feelings. This 1-1 time following your child’s lead is something all children crave, and

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Kids Know What They Need

We know that babies cries alert parents to their needs. How else could we know when they need comfort, food, changing? But children are just as in touch with what they need to survive and feel well, even if we, as parents, might not be as alert to their calls. In this post, Brindusa Milasan

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