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How To Set Limits That Help Children Sleep

In this post on sleep issues, we talked about using play as a tool that helps children release the minor fears and tensions that hold them back from sleeping well. Sometimes those fears run deeper and play alone isn’t quite all that’s needed to let go of those fears. How Setting Limits That Gently Insist

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A Bedtime Game Can Help When You Want Your Child To Sleep Solo

You may have dreamed that co-sleeping would be cozy but then found yourself tossing and turning, or you may have dreaded it and still ended up with tiny toes tickling your nostrils each morning. If having children in bed with you isn’t working out, for whatever reason, you might have to help your child through

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Helping My Daughter Sleep in Her Own Bed

When my daughter was around two, I was ready for her to move to her own bed. I knew helping children sleep in their own beds could be challenging, and I wanted the transition to be as easy as possible for her, so I thought naptime, instead of bedtime, would be the best way to slowly introduce this idea.

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