Day: August 8, 2013

Parent Education: Listening and Limits

The touch of someone we love calms, soothes and decreases stress. When someone is in physical or emotional pain, we move toward them with physical expressions of warmth and comfort. Clearly, touch is an important

Parent Education: Dealing with Emotions

“Don’t be so emotional!” “Don’t let your feelings run away with you!” “Big boys don’t cry.” “Calm down and let’s be rational about this.” Life is full of warnings to keep our emotional lives in check. Yet

Parent Education: Connect with your Children

Connection is essential to raise healthy, capable, successful children. But don’t take my word for it. There is lots of fascinating science on the subject that makes surprisingly good reading. For example, Dr. Daniel Siegel

Parents Can Help with Childhood Fears

A child becomes afraid when circumstances beyond his control, or circumstances he doesn’t understand, rock his fragile sense of safety. The process of development, birth and early growth presents many moments when a child’s sense of


Ever notice how your child’s behavior can change from day to day or even hour to hour? “Hand in Hand helps us be the parents we want to be. I feel so much closer to

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