Ever notice how your child’s behavior can change from day to day or even hour to hour?


“Hand in Hand helps us be the parents we want to be.
I feel so much closer to my
son and I am a much better mother already.”


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Most times your child is calm and sweet. She climbs on your lap for another story; he easily shares his toys. But then there are those other times. The biting, the screaming, the tantrums. The times you don’t know what to do.

You’ve probably already explored different ways of dealing with “bad” behavior. Maybe you’ve seen short-term behavior change, but have a sense there’s still something missing.

Parents like you come to Hand in Hand because they’d like to solve a specific behavior challenge. They stay because our approach transforms their lives. For over 20 years, Hand in Hand Parenting has been helping parents to build more support into life, so you can enjoy parenting more fully.

Hand in Hand’s Parenting by Connection goes beyond systems of rewards and punishments. Our approach, workshops and resources all build on a child’s strong desire to love and be loved. We recognize that children are naturally good; they want to enjoy their life with you. With Parenting by Connection, you’ll use play, respect and warmth to help bring your family back to this natural state.

The Parenting by Connection approach will help you:

  • Resolve family challenges. When your child acts out, it’s stressful for the entire family. Whether it’s biting other children, shrieking in rage, or being too shy to make friends, your child’s off-track behavior is actually a cry for help. We give you practical tools that help you set needed limits while providing your child with the emotional connection he needs.
  • Respond instead of react. Parenting is a huge challenge. Just as your child acts out when he’s upset, the emotional stress of parenting can send you “off track” as well. Our Listening Partnership tool helps you build concrete emotional support. Talking about your hopes and worries with a trusted listening partner can help you think through a challenging situation instead of reacting.
  • Be playful, loving and firm. Discipline doesn’t have to be harsh. Likewise, being a loving parent doesn’t mean simply letting your kids run wild. We help you bring play as well as necessary limits to your interactions. We help you nourish your parent-child connection with love, kindness and respect.
  • Create a bond that lasts for life. Parents report that Parenting by Connection works wonders during the early years. And, for the last decade, parents have shared how this approach has helped them maintain a close connection during adolescence and beyond.

Parenting by Connection has transformed the lives of thousands of families. Begin your journey today.

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