Setting Limits that Build Better Relationships Presentation

Danielle Friedman, Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor
Danielle Friedman, Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor

Thanks for your interest in the presentation by Danielle Hanchett Friedman, LCSW, at the Santa Clara City Library on October 5th, 2014. You can download the presentation slides here.

Danielle is teaching a Parenting by Connection Starter Class in Palo Alto this fall.

And you can take a free test-drive of our self-guided materials on Setting Limits and Building Cooperation here.

When children are under stress they lose their patience, their love of fun, their easygoing ability to make each day a good one. At these times, they tend to do things that don’t make sense. They’ll begin to squabble, to insist on having things someone else has, or to want one thing after another, without gaining satisfaction.

At times like these, we parents can play a very positive role. We can set limits on our children’s behavior in order to help them relieve the stress they are under, and regain their innate good judgment and joy in cooperation. Setting limits with Young Children takes a bit of practice. When you think your child is being unreasonable, here are the steps to follow.

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