How to Come Out Ahead When Your Family Faces Big Challenges Replay

Ravid Aisenman Abramsohn, Parenting by Connection, IsraelListen as Certified Hand in Hand Trainer Ravid Aisenman helps you discover what you need to know about supporting your family through any challenge life brings. Whether you are facing an unexpected move, illness, divorce, loss, or an overabundance of stress factors happening all at once, there are critical tools you can use to keep you children, and yourself, close, connected, and in the best possible emotional shape to heal and recover from whatever you may need to face together.

“Ravid is an amazing teacher. She is wise, very empathetic, and has very helpful tips and tools that she teaches in her classes. She is also an amazing parenting coach. I took the Hand in Hand Starter Class because of issues with my daughter (13) that had been going on for years. Now for the first time in years, my relationship with my daughter is dramatically less conflicted. We’d previously tried counseling, and I’d taken other parenting courses, with very little improvement. I highly recommend Ravid to everyone!”  A Hand in Hand Parenting Mom from Canada




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