When Special Time got Me Soaked

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I’d returned from a very rare trip to the hair salon in a good mood, and I found my son ready and waiting with a request to go out and play with his water gun.

It had been snowing heavily for days and I felt that I couldn’t agree. I set the limit, but then I had an idea.

“You still have Special Time scheduled later on,” I reminded him. “I guess you could play with water then.”

Well! Just as soon as we set the timer, he asked for his toy gun to be filled. I was to be his moving target, he announced.

And then, without any other words, he started chasing me around the house. Indoors!

Damp Spirits

“Only if he wouldn’t aim at my hair!” said an urgent little voice inside my head, as I dashed around trying to avoid his spray. Having my hair done isn’t the sort of treat I pamper myself with often. My energy seemed to flag then, as I felt a shot of doubt.

But then I saw that happy, playful sparkle in my son’s eyes and suddenly it became all that mattered! I was going to help him do something that he really wanted to do, so I jumped right in.

What a chase started after that!

splashed mum

I ran and tried to hide, but my son and that water pistol were always quicker and always managed to find me. Each time he shot cold water at me, my son laughed in such a delighted way! And I, in return, laughed wholeheartedly.

I loved the closeness that these ten minutes helped us create! It really felt as if we shared such a special bond being “partners in crime” and doing something so “off-limits” during our special time.

Having my hair done suddenly felt so unimportant in comparison with the sense of connection that warmed us up on our cold winter day. And it stayed warm inside – running smoothly with a happy, flexible child and a mother that felt good about herself despite my messy hair!


Special Time can be a great way for children to explore fun and games that are usually “off limits”. Read more about the possibilities here

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