10 Surprising People That You Can Share Listen With

Now we're asking you to spread the word and get "Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges" heard by others that don't yet know about it.

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You have your copy of Listen. Hurray! We hope that you are enjoying the wisdom in the pages and seeing all sorts of transformations in your parenting. Now we're asking you to spread the word and get Listen heard by others that don't yet know about it.

Imagine, for a minute, the kind of world we will create when every parent feels supported in their parenting journey, and every child grows up with a deep connection to her parents and caregivers!

Growing up safe, confident and able to meet the world with all its current challenges.

Parent friends might be your first thought about who you might like to give Listen to, but why stop there? We thought about all the people in our community that could benefit from the book, and came up with some surprises.

So, in the style of one well-known late-night chat show host (looking at you, David Letterman) here's a list of the Top 10 people you could share a copy of Listen with:

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Top 10 People to Share Listen With:

10. Your Brother or Sister. Because hopefully by now your sibling rivalry is done already.

9. Your child’s teacher. Too often our teachers are stretched. Let's give them the value of some Listening and have them pass it on to their kids in class. Hopefully, they'll send us straight to the principal's office – where we'll pass them a copy!

8. Babysitters. So what if it's the Kindle edition?

7. Priests, preachers, clergy, and teachers at your church or synagogue. Because we're all praying for help in some way.

6. Coaches. Because what kid wouldn't like a coach to turn the tables and offer roughhousing at the end of practice! Pile on!

5. Local nonprofits that work with children. We already tried this one at the Dolores Mission School in Los Angeles. Reaction from one parent:“Finally! I’ve been waiting to read Listen.”

4. Fellow parents at school, the neighborhood, the play yard. Since it would be nice if they didn't look at you like an alien when you Staylisten during tantrums…right?

3. Your local elected official. Maybe things would get done a lot more efficiently if they could Listen and be listened to.

2. Your parents. Preferably ahead of the big family gatherings, so they know why you climb under the table with the kids and join in the farting noise games.

And finally…
1. Your children. If they are too young right now, sign them a copy with a loving note and give it to them when they are expecting – with a limit that they read it. 

Who are you giving Listen to? We'd love more suggestions…

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