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“Every parent I’ve listened to has done their best to love their child,” – Patty Wipfler

Where were you in your parenting journey when you discovered Hand in Hand? Flipping between parenting styles? Unhappy with the discipline you were using? Shouting, threatening, stressed?

That was about where Patty Wipfler was, as a young parent, with two small sons, when she embarked on giving them time to be heard, and time for herself.

That experience, of course, became our non-profit group Hand in Hand Parenting.

If you know Hand in Hand, you know that the five listening tools give immediate solutions, taking away tension and stress in our parenting, one of the hardest and most overlooked jobs that we’ll ever take on.

If you know and have used the tools, you’ll remember how transforming it felt as light bulbs flashed when you saw Listening working in action, the relief that washes over when you realize you have answers, the peace when someone listens and understands.

Get Listen Heard 1 (1)If you use, or even teach, the tools, you know that children always benefit – and go on benefitting – from the added and essential connection in their lives, fostered by the people that love them most.

And you know that the tools will live on in those children until they are grown, and it’s time to pass them on into their own families.

For the first time, we have in Listen all of Patty’s wisdom – and the 100s of inspiring stories from real-life parents – in one place. Witty, caring and insightful, Listen is a roadmap to calm, connected parenting, a go-to resource that can be used again and again. A starter kit for parents in their journey to kinder, more playful parenting.

As long as parents find it. As long as they know.

We’re all trying our best. But some of us haven’t seen the map.

Forty years ago, Patty had to work with each new parent, quite literally, hand in hand, but getting Listen heard today is so much easier. Here’s a few quick and simple things you can do to help other parents find the book:

  • Post your favourite quote on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and use the hashtag #listenthebook
  • Put a picture of the book, or you reading it on social media, and use the hashtag #listenthebook
  • Leave a review on Amazon US, Amazon UK or Goodreads
  • Ask your local bookstore to stock Listen. Most book stores worldwide can order the book using their usual channels, but please print and take along this leaflet to make it easier: Please Carry Listen by Patty Wipfler
  • Print the leaflet and take it to your coffee shop, play centre or anywhere else parents might gather and be interested
  • Set up a Listen book club and invite parents to join. Here’s a set up guide: “Listen” Parent Book Club Guide
  • Send us your anecdotes! How do you use the tools? Do you remember your first “Hand in Hand” light-bulb moment? We can post these for others to read
  • Gift a copy! Baby showers, Christmas stocking, no reason at all. Need we say more? The most effective way to get Listen heard is to put it in the hands of someone to might need it.

Help us change parenting. Help us change lives in minutes. Get Listen heard.

Thank you!

Patty, and the Hand in Hand team.

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