“I Have to Leave Now!” Solving Separation Anxiety Replay

Listen in now on Madeleine Winter and Trainee Instructor Rebecca Nowlen to learn about our practical approach that will help your children gain confidence and resilience, so they will be happy to leave you & be able to fully enjoy themselves while you are away, knowing you will return.

For more on handling separation anxiety, see the “Toward Sweeter Separations” section in the new book Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges. You can also learn  more about Listening Partnerships to get support for yourself. Consider join the Parent Club – where you will get weekly emails with pithy bits of information about common parenting topics, a lively moderated discussion board, and a weekly Q&A with an Hand in Hand Instructor.

And if you want to work with Madeleine, you can learn more here: https://madeleinewinter.com/events/coming-up/

Madeleine also recommends the self-guided video course “Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety” which, combined with one or two One-on-One Consultations will help you understand how the Hand in Hand approach can be applied to your particular family, and develop a connection plan to tackle separation anxieties.

You will find helpful resources, a couple of great articles and some video if you sign up for the “Ultimate Separation Anxiety Guide” here.

A couple of articles that we particularly recommend are:









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