12 Books for Children Dealing With Divorce

Divorce is hard for everyone involved, but it can be especially difficult on kids who do not have a support system. There are many helpful tips and strategies on dealing with the effects of divorce on children in this article, Helping Children with Divorce or Separation, from our founder Patty Wipfler, and is a must-read. The article shares about how divorce can affect children and their behavior, what to expect and how to help them through those episodes.

For calmer days, or following an outburst, turn to one or more of these 12 books that will offer conversation, support and nurturing.

  1. It's Not Your Fault KoKo Bear by Vicki Lanski

This book gently dispels a common myth that children feel around divorce: That it is somehow their fault.

  1. I don't Want To Talk About It by Jeanie Ransom

The daughter in this story uses sounds to describe the emotions she feels such as a lion's roar for anger and is a useful model for kids not keen on expressing their feelings.

  1. Two Homes by Claire Masurel

Alex has different items at his mom and his dad's house but he feels loved in each.

  1. Was is the Chocolate Pudding? A story for little kids about divorce by Sandra Levins

When a boy smears his brother in chocolate he takes it as the reason for his parents separation.

  1. Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for changing families by L Krasnoyarsk and M Brown

Introduces children to words and terms they might hear during a divorce, the process and what to expect during and after the divorce occurs.

  1. How it Feels when Parents Divorce by J Krementz

The author interviews 19 children aged between 7 and 17 who have been through divorce and share their feelings at the time, coping strategies and advice. Offers a good support system for children.

  1. Divorce is a Grown up Problem by J Sinnerg

Through simple line illustrations and text a young girl discusses how divorce impacted her life, and let's child readers know that it is hard but never their fault.

  1. One Rabbit, Two Worlds by Ray Medhora

Readers follow the rabbit in this guide to living with separated parents as he travels back and forth to two different places and begins a journal to process his feelings.

  1. Taxi! Taxi! by Cari Best

Every Sunday Tina waits for her Papi to drive up in his taxi and take her out in this relationship-building book that is also threaded with Spanish words here and there.

  1. Charlie Anderson by Barbara Abercrombie

Two sisters befriend a fluffy cat but grow alarmed when he goes missing. When they discover that he splits his time between two houses they discover his life is more like their than they could have imagined.

  1. Tots Are Non-Divorceable by Sara Bonkowski

Intended as a workbook for parents and children under five, the book offers age appropriate activities and special needs of children in this age group.

  1. Always My Dad by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

The girl in this story pines for her absent father in this poignant story. When he makes a surprise visit, we see not only how difficult adult life can be for a child to accept but also the love that her father has for her, despite often being away.

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