One Way To Stay Connected As Your Kids Get Older


How can you keep connected to your children as they get older?

In this video, Roma talks about the value of listening to your tween and teen when they offload, and why this one transformational tool is so wonderful for keeping children close as they get older and begin to move away from the family unit.

As our children grow, they often don’t come to you with issues or cry as often as younger children, and so we need to watch for the moments they begin to open up.

Listen as Roma talks about:

  • Making space for older children to dump out their feelings
  • Allowing a child’s feelings rather than reasoning
  • Why we don’t need to teach when they offload
  • How we can help our bigger kids feel connected
  • What we can do when they get personal about us

Watch Roma’s video on Staylistening and Making Space for Your Older Child’s Feelings


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