Growth Mindset, Winning, and Why It’s Important for Your Child

How can we help children towards building a positive self-identity? An “I Can!” attitude?

This week Abigail shares the life-changing moment she cracked her tens times tables at 8-years-old, and how this win led to a paradigm shift in mindset – between what she thought she could do and what she could actually do.

A sense of accomplishment and winning can spur a sense of interest, self-directed learning and discovery, but how can we work with a child to help them win at challenging tasks, even when we do not feel good or confident about the task?

And how can that support change in our children's outlook and influence how they view their abilities for the rest of their lives?

One Tool You Can Use To Build Resilience and Confidence

In an age of entitlement, we're talking about why it is still important to cultivate a growth mindset – a mindset that allows us to celebrate our wins, our children's wins and makes space for winning – and losing.

How Can We Foster Growth Mindset with our Kids?

Now, what if your child is not yet attuned to his or her own greatness, even if you are? On the episode, we also examine the ways kids can fight their own abilities, why things feel hard for them and one tool you have to help your child shine.

Join us and listen to Growth Mindset, Winning, and Why It's Important for Your Child

  • How to support your child and a sense of self-identity
  • What notions do we have as parents that might set up roadblocks for our kids as learners and winners?
  • How can we foster a climate of growth mindset?
  • What can we do to support a child that resists?
  • Why failure matters too

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