Defiance, Upsets and Power struggles: Solving Common Child Behavior Problems

Mom with toddler boyEver feel like you are trying to cope with every common child behavior problem in the book?

  • Won't get dressed
  • Doesn't want to eat breakfast
  • Won't brush teeth
  • Keeps throwing toys
  • Has a tantrum every time you leave
  • Always begs for more screentime
  • Never wants to go to sleep
  • Doesn't listen
  • Constant whining

Every single request seems like it's met with resistance. If someone were to ask you what you are up against in your parenting, you'd shout “everything!”

It's frustrating

It's draining

It's totally upsetting

And it makes parenting feel just about impossible.

What if One Thing Was Causing All of These Problem Behaviors?

What if we told you that actually, there is one central issue here? That there is one challenge you have to tackle. One thing is driving all these challenging, rigid behaviors?

And that when you understand what that issue is and begin working on it, you'll see these problem behaviors dissolve.

This week Elle and Abigail are talking about the times when nothing seems right for your child, when every interchange feels like a power struggle, and how you can get to the root of the issue to stop the behaviors that drive you so crazy!

Join us this week and listen to Defiance, Upsets and Power Struggles: Solving Common Child Behavior Problems

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