Hand in Hand Parenting’s Top 5 posts for parents in 2018

Whether you have one child, many children or you are already caring for grandchildren, taking care of kids always poses challenges. Hand in Hand Parenting exists to give parents and others that care for children the support they need to raise children to be their best selves. These five posts have been our most-read this year, and all of them highlight the five listening tools in our approach. We hope you find them useful, whether you are reading them here for the first time, or you are rediscovering them once again.

1. When Your Toddler Hits You: A New Perspective.

This post, which highlights the reasons that toddlers hit and a clear outline on how you can respond gently, yet firmly, to the behavior is not just this year’s top post – it’s our most-read post ever. Read on to discover how your attention and the “friendly-patrol” method help you and your toddler move beyond hitting and power battles. When Your Toddler Hits You: A New Perspective.

2. What to Do When Toddlers Bite

“Many toddlers go through a “biting stage,” is how this post begins, and that much is clear given the popularity of this post. Learn how to respond calmly when a child bites and to find alternative ways for a child to release the tension that causes biting. What to Do When Toddlers Bite

3. Helping Children with Aggression

It isn’t just toddlers that go through hitting and biting stages. Kids of all ages can turn to aggression as a way to call for attention, and this post, our third most read post this year, helps you to understand the root causes of your child’s aggression and why traditional shame, blame and punishment control methods only propel more. Helping Children with Aggression

4. Whats the Cure for Children Whining

There’s nothing like a child’s whining to rub us up the wrong way – until we know exactly why it happens and what your child is trying to tell you when he or she whines. This post offers fresh way to understand why children whine, and the tools you can use to stop it – no wonder it’s our number four top post this year. Read What’s the Cure for Children Whining?

5. Tickling Kids Can Do More Harm Than Good

We’re not shy to say that this is one of Hand in Hand Parenting’s more controversial posts. We promote play and laughter and for many of us growing up a go-to to get giggles going was through tickling, so why wouldn’t we do the same with our children? In our Top 5 most popular post of 2018, we run down why tickling can be hurtful for kids, and we share other ways to play that respect boundaries a whole lot more but that are just as guaranteed to bring about fun and laughter. Here’s Tickling Can Do More Harm Than Good

We hope you get a lot from these posts. For more, be sure to read our Full Article list.

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