Why Your Best New Year’s Resolution Could Be “No Resolutions”…

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Why are we always compelled to start a new year with a list of resolutions that even a saint would be hard-pressed to keep up with? If there’s one thing every good parent is good at, it’s over-extending! We’re all about the #parentgoals.

We are so happy to be starting the new year with you, our beautiful, caring community of parents. We know that you being here each week with us is because you are always striving to be doing better by your kids, in your parenting, in your communities.

That’s not a New Year’s flight of fancy, that’s a constant, and that’s amazing.

And while we think there’s nothing wrong with new year’s resolutions, creating new habits, bettering ourselves or developing new skills, we also see the pressure in that. Lots of pressure to do more, generate more, be more.

So, how about we DON’T make New Year’s resolutions? Instead why don’t we do something equally as mindful, equally as transformative, and, some might say, just a little bit easier?

We’re not talking self-care, more self-preservation. Because, let’s face it, we already have PLENTY on our plates.

Join us this week on the podcast for an uplifting new take on New Year’s resolutions, and start 2019 a little less stressed and a lot more supported.

Listen to Why Your Best New Year’s Resolution Could Be “No Resolutions”

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