Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

You may have heard about how your tenacious, persistent, negotiating go-getter is developing the skills he or she needs to be a great leader in the future, but daily parenting a strong-willed child can feel like an uphill battle. All those constant requests, desires, energy and power play is a lot!

Strong-willed boy resisting request

This week Abigail and Elle weigh in on why parenting a strong-willed child can feel so demanding and draining, and how you can raise your strong-willed child without so many power struggles or need to break that mighty spirit!

On this week’s podcast, Parenting the Strong-willed child:

  • How an agenda is the last thing that will help
  • How to harness your child’s enthusiasm, desire and power
  • Why these kids can also be super sensitive
  • Learn how to dance between limits and freedom
  • What to do if you disapprove of your child’s nature and how to develop a mindset that helps improve things

Listen to Parenting The Strong-willed Child now.

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