Why Does my Child Only Listen When I Lose It?

This week Abigail and Elle respond to a mom who feels like she sees power struggles, aggression and kickback when she’s parenting the way she wants to, and compliance only once she gets mad.

Are her efforts to parent kindly back-firing? And why would that be?

On the podcast this week we talk about:

  • What to expect when parenting with respect
  • Setting boundaries on your own levels of calm
  • Comparison parenting and why no way is the perfect way
  • What power struggles actually mean, and working on embracing them as a win not a loss.

Join us if you’ve ever felt like your efforts at being an empathetic parent are lost on your child and learn why that definitely is not what is happening!

Listen to Why Does My Child Only Listen When I Lose It?

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This article on how kids acquire bad words and re-use them is very insightful. Read Bad Words from Good Kids.

“Mean mom,” comments can be very triggering. Here’s how instructor Irina handles it step-by-step. My Child Calls Me Mean Mom. What Should I Do?

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