Why Mother’s Day Means So Much…

Feelings that come up on Mother's day often stem from a deeper and almost forgotten place…

I don’t know about you but I was full of feelings when I woke up on Mother’s day.

I was feeling anxious that the day wouldn’t be special in any way and no one would give me that extra appreciation that I longed for.

You might tell me that I should give up these expectations, that’s it better to just not expect anything. But I find this kind of hard.

I hadn’t been awake for long when I spotted a Dad with his two small children passing my window. It was early and the children both had a bunch of flowers in their hands.

It made me cry when I saw them, I was touched that this Dad had taken his two little children to the shops to buy flowers for their Mum. I didn’t know this for sure but there was a pretty good chance my observation was correct.

I couldn’t even talk to my partner. I suddenly felt so angry with him. I knew that he hadn’t given Mother’s Day a single thought and that made me feel really angry.

I went upstairs to my room and sat by the door and cried. I longed to feel loved, appreciated and valued but I felt none of those. I felt FURIOUS at my partner for not making more of an effort.

I could hear him and my daughter downstairs laughing together. How dare they have so much fun together on Mother’s Day! They should be running around making things great for me.

I know, I know, expectations were rising…

I encouraged myself to go deeper. What was this pain bringing up from the past. Then it dawned on me. When I was a child I also longed to feel loved, appreciated and valued. Guess what? I didn’t – a lot of the time.

Once I had this realization, my crying got harder. I was releasing the pain from a long time ago. It felt good and healing. I felt better afterwards.

I was ready to go downstairs and face the music.

My daughter gave me a card she’d made at school. Inside it said ‘I love, you. You are such a good Mum. I love your smile and fun you bring to the house we live in’. My heart melted. This was exactly and everything I wanted. Right here.

My partner was making me a card. Inside he wrote that I am an exceptional Mummy. He also gave me a beautiful skirt that he’d bought.

The day was repaired and a small piece of my past was healed. I felt the love and appreciation and value that I so longed for.

I hope you had a happy Mother’s day too.

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