3 smart, sensitive ways to respond to your child’s anxieties

The three ideas in this podcast will help you respond well to your child’s anxiety

“Mom, I can’t go to camp today. I have a stomachache.”

This is the third time this week your child has complained of a sore stomach, and yet she shows no other symptoms of being unwell.

shows anxious child clinging to momYou wonder…is something else going on under the radar?

Does your child complain of stomachaches?

Does she get tearful or angry regularly, refuse to go places or try new things?

Does your child worry a lot, gets obsessive or compulsive? Does he or she act clingy or have trouble sleeping?

Or, do you see all of these?

What are the signs my child is anxious?

Child anxiety is on the rise, but even if your child has not been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, all children have anxious moments. And what can look like defiance or stubbornness can indicate your child is feeling anxious.

Reading the signs and responding to them with actionable strategies can help a child shake off anxiety and emerge stronger and more resilient.

Try these 3 ideas to flip your child’s anxiousness

In this episode of the Hand in Hand podcast, we look at the causes and signs of child anxiety, and Abigail shares three really useful flips you can use to turn your child’s anxious behavior around. You’ll share new insights and mind-shifts that will point your child towards strength and confidence.

Listen now to 3 Smart, Sensitive Ways to Respond to Your Child’s Anxiety

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