So, How Far Have You Come in Your Parenting?

Where were you two years ago in parenting?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the present-day challenges we forget to look back and see the progress we’ve made.

And we should! 

A week before the 100th episode of the Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast, Elle and Abigail do just that, with an affectionate look back over the last two years they’ve been making the podcast.

Abigail talks about how her kids have adopted, rely on, and now take ownership of the tools, and Elle recalls the sleeping and eating challenges they’ve overcome, and how emotionally aware her kids are since the tools have become a regular feature of family life.

Now, your turn!

Here’s why we need to look back sometimes…

This episode serves as a great reminder of all the miraculous change and good you are doing now and can expect more of in the future. Listen this week and then scan back over your own milestones, challenges and successes and drink in how far you’ve come.

How many can you chalk up?

Listen to So, How Far Have Your Come in Your Parenting?

Come celebrate the amazing work you are doing as parents.

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