Helping Children with Traumas Large and Small

Professionals Series: Children, Trauma, and How Hand in Hand Parenting Can Help

You can start to help children with trauma, large or small, today using five simple tools.

In an uncertain world children are exposed to traumas large and small every day. From Covid-19, to racism, violence, financial stress, or being separated from friends, grandparents, or schoolmates, this is not an easy time. But you can quickly learn to help children with trauma using five practical trauma-informed tools from Hand in Hand.

This webinar is designed for professionals who work with children and families. You’ll delve into the many ways trauma shows up in children and how the tools of Hand in Hand Parenting can support families affected by trauma. Mostly importantly, you’ll see simple ways you can make these healing options available to the families in your work or practice.

If you want to help children with trauma, you can start today with no-cost training from the nonprofit that helps professionals support parents when parenting gets hard.

Maya Coleman, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, M.A. in Special Education/Learning Disabilities.
Shelley Macy, M.A. in Human Development. Preschool teacher 1975 to 1990 and early childhood teacher educator 1989 to 2017.
Robin Setchko, LMFT, M.A. in Counseling. In private practice since 1991.

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