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Emotional Support For Kids With Medical Needs



Is your child preparing for surgery?

Have they undergone treatment or medical procedures early in their lives?

Are they living with an on-going condition that requires medical attention or care?

And are you in a position where you need to support them through these challenges?

Watch as Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor Johanna Berglein explains how she uses five practical caregiving tools to support children emotionally when they have medical needs.

These tools have been shown to bring calm, courage and healing when health is, or has been, concerning.

In this talk, Johanna reveals:

  • How to guide a child through challenging circumstances, even when you are fearful and worried yourself.
  • A one-to-one play tool that helps children gain new confidence and resilience.
  • How children’s fears can show up in challenging behavior, and how to respond in a way that responds to their core needs, in a way that relieves and heals.
  • The value of support for you as a child’s supporter, and a simple tool you can use to gain strength and balance.

If you are supporting a child with a disability or with medical needs, Johanna’s presentation will show you how to support them emotionally to build resilience even in the face of great challenge.

Johanna’s presentation was given during the annual Devio Early Child Institute‘s International Inclusive Early Childhood Education Forum.

Discover How These Five Tools Can Help Your Work With Children


Free Report: Your guide to the clinical benefits of using these tools to bring relief and healing.

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