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boy going to surgery

Emotional Support For Kids With Medical Needs

    Is your child preparing for surgery? Have they undergone treatment or medical procedures early in their lives? Are they living with an on-going condition that requires medical attention or care? And are you

calm parenting

The Key to Calm and Patient Parenting

Are you tired of losing it with your kids? Do you wish you were a more patient parent? You can be. In this video, Patty introduces a unique parenting tool you can use to create

title of video talk with Patty Wipfleron connecting with your child

Discover a Powerful Way To Connect With Your Child

Does your child know how much you love them? Like, how much you’d do anything for them love them? If you find yourself dishing out ultimatums, caught up in stand offs and power struggles or

Children, Trauma, and How Hand in Hand Helps

Do you work with parents or families? Training is available to help you bring these tools to the parents and children you care for in your practice. CAMFT CEU approval #142145. Click to learn more.

How to Make Special Time a Regular Practice

Patty talks about just what you can expect when you use Special Time (and our other Listening Tools) over your two or more decades of parenting. If you’ve ever doubted the magic of this tool,

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