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Special Time is Special

I have a short anecdote that really showed me how important Special Time is, no matter how humdrum it may seem from the outside from time to time. This summer we had planned a visit to the equivalent of Disney … Continue reading

Special Time and Face Time

I had been having a harder and harder time carving out regular Special Time for my two sons.  During the day, when I am the only adult present, neither of them can stand to be alone while the other receives … Continue reading

In Praise of Special Time

I am now convinced that Special Time deserves credit for freeing me of feelings of guilt and regret as a parent, and bringing back a childlike zestfulness into my life and my family! Continue reading

Special Time by a Working Mom

what seemed to make the most difference in our connection was the “mini” Special Time sessions that I did for five minutes — just five minutes! — before heading out the door for work, on the mornings she was awake before 7 a.m. No matter how late I was running, I could make time for five minutes of Special Time. Continue reading

How I Faced Bedtime Fears With Play

By Heidi Granger Russell My five-year-old son had been having trouble getting to sleep on his own. We had several weeks of him resisting bed time. He didn’t want to be alone in his room and kept coming up with lots things … Continue reading