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Parent Club Community

Hand in Hand Parenting Parent Club Community What if you knew how to transform your child’s behavior today… and every day? The Parent Club Community gives you direct access to Hand in Hand Instructors every

Healthy Discipline and Setting Limits with Children
Patty Wipfler

Why Tantrums Happen and How You Can Help…Part 1

How Is A Tantrum A Bid For Connection? The man at my parenting talk is exasperated by his two-year-old son’s behavior. “First, he wants a glass of milk,” he tells me. “I pour the glass

Hand in Hand Parenting

Meet The Preschool Teachers That Listen to Kids

Imagine you had a teacher that listened, really listened, when you were upset at school. In daycare and pre-school settings, there are many cries for many reasons. Children missing parents. Children that need the bathroom

Start School Days with Special Time!

On busy school day mornings, we try to send our children off with love. We sandwich “I love you. Have a good day!” between “Where’s my homework?” and “Can you pick me up after soccer

Free Five Tools Mini Class

Free Five-Part Mini Course Rediscover the joy of parenting with connection What if you had a step-by-step program you could use again and again whenever your child’s behaviors overwhelm you? Now you do. This mini class

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