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This is the welcome page for the online Professionals Intensive class. 
If you would like more information about this class, please visit our Information Page.

Dear Professionals Intensive Participant,


This is the online home of your Professionals Intensive Course in Hand in Hand. We're glad you're here. This online classroom has all the tools you will need for your class experience.

Structure of the Course

You’ll participate in a series of 8 mentoring calls led by a Certified Instructor who is also a professional. Your Instructor will provide you with individualized attention and support in your call group, and you’ll also learn from the other professionals on your call.  Many professionals find it helpful to enroll in a call group as soon as they begin the videos to receive the maximum benefit from this class. But you have a full six months to participate in a call group that works for your schedule.

The first 6 weeks of our course will align with the course content of the Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class (formerly Building Emotional Understanding) and will include material from the manual for that class. Your clients and any children you work with, professionally or as a parent, will be your primary teachers. We’ll be helping you to understand the results of what you try, and how to apply the tools to a variety of situations.

At the beginning of the course, we’ll ask you about your particular interests, and do what we can to address your interests and needs during the mentoring calls.

Before your Mentoring Calls

All of the class videos and reading materials are posted under Modules in our online classroom, with one set of materials associated with each week/class of the eight-week course.  Before calling in to each week’s mentoring call, please watch the Videos and do the Reading associated with that week’s class. You may not have time to read or watch the material in week one before your first mentoring call, so just do what you can and make your way through weeks one and two the following week. Each week after that keep using the first tools, while adding additional ones.

Weekly Mentoring Conference Calls

On these calls, you will become part of a learning community. You and others will examine your experience and your Instructor will provide additional information and support.

The call duration will be 90 minutes for most call groups.  Call groups of 3 or less may be shorter.

After Each Class

We are firm believers in the power of personal experience. Please keep experimenting with Listening Tools often, and note your questions, surprises, and insights. Bring them to your weekly calls, and your fellow participants will do the same. Your Instructor will be delighted to review your experiments, observations, and questions with you.


We require that you keep confidential any personal feelings and stories you hear during designated listening times. This includes not mentioning personal stories or feelings to the person who shared them, during class or afterwards.

About the Use of Course Materials and Videos

Please help us protect our copyright.  Class videos and PDFs are for the personal use of members of this course only.  Hand in Hand offers a wide variety of materials to the public online, many for free, that will allow you to easily share what you’re learning with your clients and others.

All the Listening Partnership (LP) sample videos and audio clips are to be treated with confidentiality. They may be viewed/listened to by you only. Your Instructor will discuss more about confidentiality and the listening process with you during your calls.

Date/Time/Time Zone Information

If you live in a time zone that’s not the US Pacific Time Zone, determine the start time in your time zone by using this Time Zone Converter and specifying the city “U.S.A. – California – San Francisco” as the place to convert from.  If you are in Asia or Australia, your start date may be a different day than the one specified on our site.  If your calls happen during September/October/November or February/March/April, the start time of your call may change, perhaps even twice, as the changes in and out of Daylight Saving Time are not synched throughout the world.


For any questions about your course or about resolving technical difficulties, contact Emily Gray-Murray, Program Manager, at [email protected].

We hope this Professionals Intensive course will make a positive difference in your life and in your practice.

The Hand in Hand Staff

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