Ana Maria Porumbaceanu

In limba romana

I have the simplest Romanian name, Ana. I am a mother of two, a boy and a girl. When I became for the second time a mother, things changed. My son was crying a lot and I realized that my emotional availability was fading. I kept wondering what changed and what was the cause, but that did not help me find a solution.

When I found Hand in Hand, I read all the blog entries because there I found stories in which I totally recognized myself. Being a parent is an emotional process. I understand what is like to be a parent and so far, I’ve experienced:

  • How hard it is to listen an angry, upset child
  • How hard it is for a parent to have his child bullied
  • Being the parent of a child who was bitten and then bites back
  • How difficult it is to have a child with sensory issues
  • What it is like to be upset, angry, exhausted

After the Starter Class, I knew I wanted to learn more and to give back to my community. So, I joined the Instructor Certification Program in 2017 and became a Certified Instructor in 2019. This has been an amazing, awakening parenting journey! I believe that parenting is 90% about parents and their emotional responses to their children, and only 10% about children. I strongly feel that every parent in the world should have access to the Hand in Hand tools and information for a connected and mindful environment, and this is my purpose from now on.

With the help of Hand in Hand, I discovered that emotional storms can be welcomed with warmth, love and kindness, and listening to tears helped me build connection and offer support to my family. At the same time, Listening Partnerships were a revelation and a huge support. I love the power of laughter that Special Time and Playlistening bring to our family. It’s like a daily dosage of happiness and emotional release.

So our journey continues with:

  • Playful discipline
  • Setting limits warmly
  • Offering emotional support and building connection
  • Enjoy the support I need and how relieved I feel afterwards
  • Help my children express safely all their emotions

I am a full-time working mom, dealing with marketing and social media challenges. I speak Romanian, English and French.  You can learn new things about me and my family on my blog (, or we can connect on my Facebook page.

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