Keiko Sato

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Born and raised in Japan, Keiko taught in Tokyo for 10 years before coming to Palo Alto in 1998. She is an international educator committed to Social-Emotional Learning.  Keiko became a Certified Hand In Hand Parenting Instructor in 2010 and a Certified Trainer in 2014. These effective tools have enabled her to translate her love into everyday parenting and to maximize her family’s potential. Read about Keiko’s use of the Hand in Hand Connection Tools in her family.

With over three decades experience as an educator, Keiko has worked with students ranging from TK to 12th grade, and with parents and teachers, both in the U.S. and in Japan.  Her approach fosters resilience, healthy relationships, and social justice through effective listening and self-reflection.

Keiko is passionate about designing and teaching meaningful SEL curricula, facilitating small groups, and providing one-on-one coaching.  She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from Keio University, and another Master’s degree in Education, with an emphasis on curriculum and teacher education, from Stanford University.  For 15 years, she has been working with Hand in Hand Parenting as a certified instructor.  Currently, she works as a Lower School Social-Emotional Learning Specialist at Synapse School in Northern California.  She is a parent of two children, ages 20 and 17.  She enjoys Zumba, entertaining, and reviving orchids.

Keiko enjoys offering parent-to-parent consultation, support groups, Parents Intensives, public and telephone talks, workshops, classes as well as translating Hand in Hand publications into Japanese.  Keiko is an active member of the Instructor Certification Teaching Team. Special interests include responding well to children’s off-track signals (from difficulty with brushing teeth and separation to nail-biting, sibling issues, night scares, aggression, homework and more), parents’ emotional and stress issues, and parenting well with a spouse.  Meet Keiko in this video.

What parents say about Keiko:

“(One of the reasons I took this class is) I was very worried about my son.  Since about three months ago, at preschool, he would not leave my side, play with other children nor talk to his teachers.  Then I took [a Building Emotional Understanding] class.  Within five weeks, my son started going to preschool without me and coming back smiling.  It has been a huge transformation.  Now he fully enjoys playing at preschool, and can tell his teachers and his friends his thoughts a lot loud and clear.” – A mother in Keiko’s class (San Jose, CA)

“Since my child was a baby, he didn’t look at me when he was nursing and he often couldn’t make an eye contact. These days, he can look at me in the eye, hold his gaze and say, “Mommy” and that makes me happy. I can now feel so connected to him. I am so glad that I took this class.” – A Mother in Keiko’s class

“I feel renewed every week after class, able to go back into the world, into my family and not drag my ‘issues’ and emotional backlog around with me (or take it out on others).” – A Mother in Keiko’s Skillbuilding Class

“I felt so light and I actually enjoyed my kids for the first time in a long while. I have been more patient, compassionate and understanding and it feels great. Thank you for being a fantastic facilitator.” – A Mother in Keiko’s Skillbuilding class

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