Kirsten Nottleson

Kirsten Nottleson is mother to 2 sons, 15 and 21 years old.  She has been using the Hand in Hand Parenting Approach with her own family for 19 years, and is particularly grateful to have had the tools as support during the teen years as her boys grow into young men. She has been working with families in Austin, Texas since 1993 and has been a Certified Instructor since 2007. 

Kirsten LOVES teaching all kinds of workshops, especially ones that involve Play, Pillow Fights, and Wrestling. She is proud of her Peer Education Parenting Curriculum that she helped develop and brought into the prison system.
She has worked extensively with preschool staff, teen parents, and families who have substance abuse issues. All of her work is based on the principles of Parenting by Connection, which she believes to be nothing short of Peace Movement in Action.
Listen as she explains 
Staylistening (Kirsten Nottleson).
You can read about Kirsten's use of Parenting by Connection in her family on our blog.
Listen to Kirsten speak on KPFA's Thresholds show where they discuss “What Children Need and How Parents Can Give That to Them.”
Kirsten's website is

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