How To Use Little Limits To Stop
Whining & Pestering

What these behaviors really mean, and how to see them off without blowing your top.



Days when everything has to be “just right” for your child.

These behaviors can be very triggering and really push on a parent's buttons. 

Unless they know how to read the behavior. 

In this podcast, Kathy and Emily jump into “pretexts,” (behavior that asks for a limit). 

They share how these pretexts are kind of like your child’s emotional system asking for a reset, and how pretexts show up in behaviors like teariness, neediness, perfectionism – when a child has to have everything “just so,” – and whining. 

Plus how you can use a little limit to your advantage – and your child’s – to stop the behavior before it drives you to your last nerve and results in a big meltdown. 

Little limits are the ideal solution if your child has been a little off-track for days…

…If it feels like they have something bothering them but you just aren’t sure what. 

And if you’d like a gentle way to restore easygoing cooperation and see your child happy again!

Join Emily and Kathy and discover how you can use little limits to handle a child’s pretext – and curb their whiny, needy, or pestering behavior.

Tune In To Hear:

  • The little-known connection between stuck emotions and your child’s whining, pestering, perfectionism and other offtrack behaviors. 
  • How saying no to a small thing your child whines or complains about gives them space to clear a deeper upset – and how that shows up in easier behavior. Yes! There’ll be smiles and cooperation again soon!
  • Don’t be surprised if your child has a big hearty cry over something really small. Why kids can get deeply upset over little things – and why it can be good for both of you.
  • Identifying when your child needs a little limits: What does their behavior signal to you, plus, when is a good time to hold your limit or say no to a request?
  • All about “emotional splinters”: Why setting little limits is like pulling an emotional splinter out early, so there’s less inflammation to treat later. 
  • Common times for pretexts. Which of these annoying behaviors crop up in your family? Try overcoming them using this little limit approach. 
  • Got a big event coming up? How to set limits early when you want things to go easier later on. 
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
How To Use Little Limits Stop A Child's Whining, Neediness & Pestering

One Small Thing…


Set a little limit early about something your child is whining about. Do it at a time that works for you, when you feel ready to listen to some big feelings. (These little limits give big opportunity to unleash stuck emotions that drive off-track behavior).


Mentioned In This Episode:

This is the article Kathy mentions about the child who cries over the yellow bowl. It gives a really clear insight into how one mom decoded her child’s whining, offtrack behavior on vacation, and how a little limit over the bowl meant they could all enjoy their time away together. 

Read Setting Limits: Saying “No” To The Yellow Bowl Lets The Storm Cloud Lift. 

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