How To Set Limits Without Anger Or Punishments (And Still Get Things Done)

Discover a powerful, playful way to dissolve power struggles

What if you had a way to quickly dissolve tension and set limits that felt good for you and your child?

So you could overcome cranky behavior, bickering and fights – without yelling, harsh words or punishments?

Emily and Kathy explain how it’s possible with playful limits.

You’ll hear why laughter is connecting and why that is so important for overcoming squabbles and arguments.

Emily shares a whole lot of fun ways to get giggles going so power struggles dissolve.

And Kathy explains why reaching under the behavior works a whole lot better to shift it than digging in your heels.

Ready to replace mean words, stand-offs and power struggles with laughter and connection – and still get ALL the things done?

Listen into How To Set Limits Without Anger Or Punishments

 Tune In To Hear:
  • But what about authority?! Discover how this connection-led strategy means you don’t need to teach or lecture – and why your child will actually listen to more of what you say.
  • Why when kids “won’t” do something, it really means “they can’t.”
  • Why laughter is the key to managing cranky behavior – and how to unlock it.
  • Ideas for things you can say and do to laugh away tension, including “crabby mom,” “hate party,” “grouchy bugs,” and “I’ll eat my elbow.”
  • The secret super-power of a mock threat when kids refuse to do as you ask.
  • How to find the best tension dissolvers for your own child.
  • The “yes…and…” approach borrowed from improv comedy that means you can meet your child in their behavior and then move it on.
Title set limits without anger and punishment
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How To Set Limits Without Anger & Punishments (And still get things done)

One Small Thing…


This week Emily and Kathy want you to look for at least one opportunity where you can get playful around a limit. Where can you ‘ghost the grouchies” with a few giggles instead!


Mentioned In This Episode:

Curious about the fun snuggle solution Kathy used with the  carload of bickering tween and teen boys? More on that – and why playful limits can be so effective – in this article: Playful Parenting – The Vigorous Snuggle.

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