Is There A Way To Stop Tantrums And Crying?

What is the true purpose of crying, and why are we in such a rush to shut tears down?

When a child cries, a parent’s first instinct is to try and help them to stop. But tears are helpful for a child’s natural healing system. Sitting calmly with a child as they cry can even boost their sense of wellbeing and confidence.

This week, Emily and Kathy share why tantrums and crying happen, so we can change how we respond to them. 

Plus, they share an effective way to support children until they work through the cry and stop naturally.

Listen in for a unique new viewpoint and strategy on how to stop tantrums and crying.

Tune In To Hear:


  • Why kids collect emotions like books in a backpack – and why crying happens when the pack gets too heavy.
  • Why emotional hurts can be like grit in a scraped knee, and how crying is a healthy way to wash them clean (which leads to confidence, resilience and even better cooperation).
  • How shushing, distracting or prompting a child to stop crying can lead to more crying, clinginess and off track behavior – and what to do instead.
  • Tantrums at a time that is convenient to you? Yes! Why it pays to listen early when your children’s upset is beginning to bubble so it’s easier to ride the wave of emotion without getting reactive.
  • Staying out of the way – why it’s almost always better to say very little, instead of offering ideas or solutions.

Listen now to Is There A Way To Stop Tantrums And Crying?

The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
Is There A Way To Stop Tantrums And Crying?

One Small Thing…


Emily and Kathy suggest staying close to your child and listening to them when they cry for five minutes this week, and watching what happens. (If this is your first time trying this, get ready to be surprised!)



Mentioned In This Episode:

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