Why Do Kids Get So Clingy And Needy
After Parents Give Them More Attention?

If you expect a child to go off happily and play after giving them some good attention, you maybe in for some disappointment. Here's why...

If you spend more time with your child…

If you make life more fun than usual…

If you have a good play and a great time…

Why, oh why, would a child demand more attention afterwards?

Extra neediness just seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it? 

And yet, this phenomenon happens again and again. 

After an extra playful day or a fun activity do you notice:

Your child whines and cries?

They bug the cat or their sibling?

Play by themselves? Are you kidding? 

Huh?! No wonder so many parents get frustrated and confused when this happens. 

In this week’s podcast, Emily and Kathy dive into why kids get more clingy even after they get some attention.

 Tune In To Hear:
  • Why your attention is still essential and good for your child! (Don’t give it up!)
  • About “transaction” expectations and why it pays to shift them
  • More about how children's own fears and tensions get in the way and hold them back after they’ve had a good time
  • What parents do – often without knowing – to promote a clingy, needy or whiny response, and how to quickly change this
  • Hints and tips for getting the very best out of one-on-one time together
  • Why it pays to make time and space for tears, upsets or anger after a fun outing or activity

Join us this week on the Hand in Hand Parent Club podcast, Why Do Kids Get So Clingy And Needy After Parents Give Them More Attention?

The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
Why Do Kids Get So Clingy And Needy After Parents Give Them More Attention?

One Small Thing…


Every week Emily and Kathy will share one small thing you can try or tweak in your family. This week, they have a suggestion on how to experiment with Special Time. You’ll find this idea really helpful if your child butts up against the timer going off! (and plenty do…)


Mentioned In This Episode:

This post Why Do My Children Cry After We Have Good Fun shares more on the link between good times, connection and a child’s upsets. Have you noticed your child acting this way after you have fun together? 

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